Chatbot for your frequently asked question of your clients iContactChat Unify social networks and use a robot to answer your users on WhatsApp, Facebook and chatweb Improve the service level of your company Don't waste time, our chatbot answers for you so that your agents answer
what is truly important!
Keep your customers communicated Your clients and users can communicate with the company through WhatsApp wherever they are, without limitations!

Who We Are

iContactChat is a software company dedicated to the development of a robot (chatbot) that helps companies manage messages and chats with their customers, using intelligent software that you can teach and configure to respond through different media and networks of an effective way. 
This Chatbot unifies social networks and includes the robot as the first instance to answer by the company, if the robot does not understand a message it will be delegated to a real operator.

Using our chatbot your company generates an incredible saving of money, time and very valuable resources, which you can invest in other areas

Our Services



Now you can connect with your customers instantly and send simultaneous messages with our service platform "iContactChat" that allows you to access from your PC, tablet and mobile devices and obtain direct, fast and effective communication

Digital Transformation For A Successful Company!

iContactChatBOT, you can send messages more quickly, effectively, automating processes, minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency with Chat, without the intervention of an advisor, you can achieve the highest satisfaction of your clients.

Facebook, WhatsApp And Web Chat All Integrated From One Place!

Now you can access from your Facebook profile and send messages from your WhatsApp, Web Chat to our iContactChat platform and communicate with your favorite companies, all from the same place! Facebook Twitter Google-plus

Measure Your Reports In Real Time

Our iContactChat reporting platforms incorporate data sources in real time, to measure, manage and analyze all the objectives of your companies.



See in real time how our chatbot works, its speed, functionalities, intelligence and more! use it 


We have a 100% professional and user-friendly administration platform, easy to use and configure. allows you to manage your chats and connections with your users!

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Our Pricing

$60 / month
    From 1 to 14 Licenses Less than 5,000 Messages per Month Robot Included WhatsApp Channel Facebook Channel ChatWeb Channe
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$50 / month
    15 to 30 licenses Less than 10,000 Messages per Month Robot Included WhatsApp Channel Facebook Channel ChatWeb Channel
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$40 / month
    From 31 licenses onwards Less than 100,000 Messages per Month Robot Included WhatsApp Channel Cabal Facebook ChatWeb Channel
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